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Temple Sinai

Date & Time

Wednesdays, 10:00-11:30am 2/12/20 - 5/13/20

"The Hebrew language will go from the synagogue to the house of study, and from the house of study to the school, and from the school it will come into the home and... become a living language."

- Eliezar Ben-Yehuda

Course Description :

A continuation from the Fall semester - Studying Hebrew is fascinating and….useful! After 3000 years of almost exclusive religious usage, Hebrew has found revitalization as a modern spoken language. This course will consolidate and broaden the understanding of the vocabulary and grammatical structures acquired in the Beginners and Intermediate Hebrew courses taught by Ms. Hadjenberg. Through interactive learning, participants will significantly improve their language skills in order to communicate, read, understand and discuss intermediate level texts. Excerpts from the Tanakh and from the Siddur mentioned in the contemporary readings will expose the deep connection between the ancient sources - words and spirit - and the modern, young and dynamic Hebrew spoken by millions of people in Israel and all around the world.  Let’s join them!

NEW students are welcome at the discretion of the instructor and should call the CAJE office at 305-576-4030 x128 before registering to arrange a one-on-one telephone conversation with the instructor for an evaluation over the phone prior to the first class.

Dates: Feb. 12, 19, 26; Mar. 4, 11, 18; Apr. 1, 22, 29; May 6, 13    

About the Instructor:

Ms. Henie Hajdenberg, is currently a lecturer of Hebrew Language at the University of Miami and the former Dean of Mijlelet Shazar, the Hebrew Teachers College in Buenos Aires. She studied in Buenos Aires and at the Tel Aviv University, where she specialized in Hebrew Language and Literature. She has authored numerous publications  including Sifrut Yafah - Hebrew Literature for Middle and High School,  Keneged Kulam: Pedagogies of the Talmud, The  Mystical World of Rabbi Nachmann of Braslav and Lengua de Tierra (an anthology of Israeli contemporary stories).