THE THEOLOGY OF R. SACKS: His View of the World


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Date & Time

Wednesday, 10:00-11:30am (EST), February 15th - May 17th


“More than wealth and power, education is the key to human dignity." - R. Lord Jonathan Sacks

Course Description :

One of the leading theologians of the last decades, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks' views on different topics have been studied not only by Jews, but by scholars of different fields and faiths. In this course, prepared by one of Rabbi Sacks' students, we will cover ten topics, which together give us a kaleidoscope of how Rabbi Sacks viewed the world and the contributions of Judaism to it: Faith, God, Family, Judaism, Forgiveness, Israel, Covenant, Difference, Jewish People and Peace.

Wednesday, 10:00-11:30am (EST)
Dates: Feb. 15, 22; Mar. 1, 22, 29; Apr. 19, 26; May 3, 10, 17
About the Instructor:
Dr. Sandra Lilienthal has a Masters in Jewish Studies and a Doctorate in Jewish Education. In 2015, she received the prestigious Covenant Award for Excellence in Jewish Education. Sandra has over 25 years of experience in Jewish Education working with all ages in both Brazil and the US. For the past 15 years, Dr. Lilienthal has focused exclusively on teaching adults. She is a Melton faculty member and the author of the Pillars of Judaism curriculum. Sandra is currently working on the Living Wisdom curriculum - nine new courses being taught by Melton schools all around the world. She is a guest speaker at many synagogues in the tri-county area, presents at Limmud conferences in the US and Canada and is invited for scholar-in-residence programs around the country.